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Maximize Your Performance Levels: Whether you’re a workaholic, college student, busy parent, senior or an athlete. You want to achieve your goals & reach your full potential dont you? Let our natural 41 in 1 brain booster supplement help enhance your focus & mental clarity. Feel confident & alert again for any challenges that face you. Our Nootropic Brain Support aid is designed to improve mental performance for exam studying, challenges at work, physical training, to fighting tiredness.

Enhanced Memory and Focus: Have you noticed more brain fog as the years go by? Do you sometimes forget important dates, or even where you left your keys? Do you want to improve your mental performance and memory? We’ve got you covered! It’s important to feed your brain the right nutrients to fuel its cells and help it function at its best. Our Natural Brain Booster is rich in DMAE, and 40 powerful natural brain-boosting ingredients that sharpens your overall cognitive function.

People Over Profits: Unlike other Nootropic Brain Booster supplements in the market, our product increases serotonin & dopamine levels while offering 60 day supply for the same price as a 30 day supply brand. As a family-owned business, we take your nourishment seriously by introducing continuous innovation that makes healthy living within reach. With our Doctor Formulated brain pills, it’s time to say goodbye to brain fog and focus on reaching your true potential.

A Brand That You Can Trust: Each and every batch of our Doctor formulated proprietary Brain Booster formula is 3rd party tested to guarantee the highest purity, potency, and premium quality natural ingredients. Our products are manufactured under GMP certified facilities with the strictest quality control and guidelines in the USA. Without GMO’s, hormones, preservatives, artificial ingredients, chemicals, additives, soy, gluten, milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, or shellfish.

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Are you looking to maximize your performance and take yourself to the next level? You want to achieve your goals & reach your full potential dont you? Would you like to fight off the brain fog, memory loss, and lack of focus the natural way that truly works? If so, we got you covered!

Lack of focus, memory loss, and brain fog are one of the trending public issues that cause a magnitude of problems in achieving next level and goals. Our Natural Brain Supplement is proven and tested to nourish your body with key ingredients to enhance overall cognitive function. With 41 powerful natural herbs that are scientifically proven cognitive enhancers that have been used for centuries, our product aims to deliver the boost your body needs to overcome the challenges of the modern world.

Why is Rainbow Nutrients the right choice for you?

  • Powerful 41 in 1 Supplement: Unlike other Brain and Mental Booster Supplements in the market, our product increases mental performance, focus, and memory while offering 60 day supply for the same price as a 30 day supply brand. No need to spend extra money buying multiple products. Make your life easier and get this 41-in-1 formula.


  • Doctor-Formulated: Our product has been formulated and developed by doctors and scientists using advanced technology to ensure clean, safe, and quality supplements. We make sure that all ingredients are clinically tested and formulated with proprietary technology to achieve high efficacy levels in every capsule.


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9 reviews for 41 in 1 Brain Booster Supplement for Focus, Memory, Clarity, Energy, Concentration | Natural Nootrop

  1. CB

    I have an auto immune disease and have struggled for the past couple of years with “brain fog” and mental fatigue. I often have a hard time with not being able to find the words I want to describe something. I’ve considered trying a supplement before and have been pleased so far with Brain Booster Supplement. After starting these I have not felt as mentally exhausted. My concentration has been better and the “fog” seems to be dissipating. I’m optimistic about seeing more improvement with continued use.

  2. trang nguyen

    I feel dizzy after few hours on laptop. Usually, after few hour working hard, I feel like something fly in my eyes. I used fish oil before but it doesn’t help much. This supplement make me feel much better. Usually I use 1 on breakfast and another one for lunch. Worth it. It is not only improve my vision but also make me feel better in general.

  3. Greg Palmer

    The claim to fame of this product is that it is a “potent 41-in-1 nootropic”. Well, I’m here to tell you that 22 of those ingredients should be in any self-respecting multivitamin (B-vitamins, calcium, selenium, etc.). The remaining 19 come from 617 mg of a proprietary blend that has no Daily Value established. The real selling point should be the 19 ingredients in this blend.Now, if the 22 “multivitamins” actively support this proprietary blend, that’s understandable. However, if they don’t, they should be cut out and the focus should be placed on the 617 mg blend. That would cut down on the number of capsules needed in a dosage.I just started taking this last night, so we’ll see how much smarter it makes me. Overall, however, there should be an emphasis on quality of ingredients over quantity of ingredients.

  4. lpitts

    I have really been having a problem with getting that “foggy” feeling late in the afternoons or early evenings when I am working late. I decided to give 41 in 1 Brain Booster a try as all the others are quite expensive. They are easy enough to take and I found after about 5 days that I was not getting the afternoon “foggies” and was able to work at the same alert level late in the day as I did during the first. I was very pleased with these and will be buying again!


    I am taking around 2 weeks, I feel good, I am a person stay awake until 2:00am because my job. And this helps mi boosting my brain and getting less tired. I’ll. Keep consuming to see good benefits.

  6. LoveLviv

    I was looking for something that helped me with focusing on working. This product seems to help.

  7. G.L.

    When I first opened the bottle the first thing I noticed was an earthy smell, but there was no after taste, so that’s good.I just started a new job and wanted to be on top of things, and I do believe these have helped to do just that.

  8. B R

    Hi. I’ve tried Rainbow’s other products and had a great experience so I decided to try this one too! I’m glad I did. This is a great brain booster that works. I noticed a difference the first time I took it.

  9. Critical

    I was skeptical at first since it’s a multi vitamin with a proprietary blend of focus ingredients. But….it does work. I’ve been taking it for about a week now. I do notice some help in focusing. Pair this with strong coffee and I can get stuff done

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