NutriFlair Thyroid Support Complex with Iodine and BioPerine – 120 Capsules

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✔️ Premium Quality Formula: The NutriFlair Thyroid Support supplement now contains BioPerine to enhance absorption. It also features a natural, incomparably effective synthesis including Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin B12, Selenium, L-Tyrosine, Kelp and more! In addition, it is manufactured in the USA, in a duly registered, approved and inspected facility, assuring high quality standards

✔️ Supports Weight Management: This natural thyroid weight loss supplement will help you boost your metabolism. In this way, losing weight will become way easier and you will be able to acquire the silhouette you have always dreamed of

✔️ Remain Active And Do Your Utmost: Apart from turbo charging your metabolism, this thyroid care dietary supplement will significantly increase your energy levels, helping you feel strong and active. From now on, you will be able to make it through the busiest schedules without feeling constantly tired

✔️ Stay Perfectly Focused Throughout The Day: Thyroid imbalances might cause mental fog, making it impossible to stay concentrated. This thyroid helper, booster and support supplement will help you enjoy mental clarity and improve brain function


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10 reviews for NutriFlair Thyroid Support Complex with Iodine and BioPerine – 120 Capsules

  1. sloo50

    Within 2 weeks I noticed less hair loss and even weight loss! I have continued to lose weight over the last couple weeks so it’s very exciting! I’ve struggled with weight issues for the last few years due to thyroid issues. Have definitely noticed I have more energy and just overall feeling good!

  2. Kate M.

    These really did give me more consistent energy throughout the day. I plan on taking these for a year until my next physical to see if these naturally help lower my TSH levels and LDL cholesteral.

  3. Rachel A

    Sometimes we don’t know what’s wrong with us and we simply start trying different pills that meet our symptoms. That is exactly what I did with these pills. I can’t explain how they helped but my hair started growing back. I know a lot of women suffer from hair loss on top of their heads but I suffered from hair loss All Over. My arms are hairy and my legs. Until you lose your hair you don’t know how important having it is. I also feel like the fog I was walking around in is starting to disappear. I’m not going to say fully but I can tell a difference. I can function to say the least. I have been taking them for two months. Hopefully with me continuing I will get better. I take them as directed “2” per day.(Adding) I’ve been on these for 3/4 months now. Didn’t realize that they stopped my all over body itching. If you don’t know what all over body itching is you’re blessed. Feels like something is crawling over you. (Not because of bad pulls but I was being lazy) I stopped taking the pills…… hair loss came back and itching. Back on pills now and after 4 days itching stopped.

  4. Jenn Butterfield

    AWESOME SUPPLEMENT!!💜💜. So, look, I’m no expert here, but I am certainly no stranger to supplements. I’m not one to be afraid to try and find products that will work for me and help me out. I’m a HUGE fan of this thyroid supplement.Life was much easier when I was younger, and I was skinnier with literally no effort. Unfortunately for me the combination of age and an unrelenting love for all thing’s pasta, fried, and breaded, my weight has become a struggle for me. I’m by no means obese and I definitely needed to make some diet changes for my overall health but using this as a metabolism aid has helped me drop 10 pounds over the past couple months!!!!👏👏👏👏. I knew I was looking for a good natural product and this checked that box off and I wanted to give it a try. Again, I want to be clear, that there is no short cut, life’s about balance. But adding this product to your daily routine will be helpful to you with hitting your goals. All I had to do was add this to my daily supplement pills and the flat tummy is starting to re-appear!!!!😀😀😀. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and will be a REPEAT CUSTOMER!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  5. Kindle Customer

    I’ve dealt with hypothyroidism and ALL its symptoms for decades. Even with medication I never really regained what I considered a normal energy level or felt physically well no matter what I did until I tried this supplement. I experienced an increase in energy, and overall well being in just a few days; even weight loss occurred, which has been almost impossible for me. I cannot emphasize how wonderful this change has been. I have recommended it to others and all remark that they feel better.

  6. Texas Mom

    I was having trouble with very very dry skin, flakey scalp, tiredness, moodiness, my hair falling out in clumps, insomnia and just not feeling good at all. I don’t have insurance and didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg to see a doctor to tell me what he thinks the problem was. Then one day it dawned on my that it could be my Thyroid. So I researched on line and low and behold my symptoms fit Hypothyroidism. (Low Thyroid function). So of course I went on Amazon and finally decided on this product. Since receiving and taking two capsules per morning every single day, I have noticed this: 1. My hair literally has stopped falling out, Now I lose the normal 3 -10 strands after washing and brushing out my hair. 2. My skin is not as dry and flakey 3. I’m not nearly as hateful as I was before taking this supplements 4. My sleep pattern has improved a tiny bit. But not as much as I would of liked 4. I haven’t lost any weight. 5. I’m not tired like I was before. Now I get tired at night and not during the day like before I’m able to get much more done than before. So over all I would say these supplements HAVE done a pretty good job at helping me to return to a more normal me.

  7. AWright

    After learning about some symptoms of hypothyroidism in a medical class I am taking, I was pretty sure I had it. Upon much other research, a few more things popped up that correlated, ridged nails & decreased Achilles’ reflex return (it would take about 30 sec after standing up for me to be able to adjust my foot). After just 4 days of taking this product, I stood up and was able to walk normal right away. I have had more energy and have slept deeper, too. Very happy with this product. The only bad part is the smell, it’s potent.

  8. Yorkie Mama

    This is a great mix of ingredients for hypothyroid. I have been using it for a while. Combined with clean eating (Cyclical Ketogenic Lifestyle) I have been able to lower my prescription thyroid medication. My hormones are in balance naturally, and I feel great! My energy level is excellent again. I’m thrilled. My goal is to get off the prescription in the near future and simply use this natural supplement. As a clean eater, I’m very fussy about my supplements. I look for the ones that are ‘clean’ meaning free from unnecessary ingredients and fillers. This one fits my criteria. I would definitely recommend it.

  9. Let’s see

    My thyroid levels were extremely high, 5.010 so my PCP upped the levothyroxizene. I have been on the Synthroid for over 10 years now and this fluctuation is ridiculous. So I started researching different supplements and the reviews on this product were encouraging so I thought I would give it a try. I have been taking for three weeks now and to my surprise I am sleeping better, I have lost 3 pounds and my energy level is picking up. I realize it takes a few weeks to get optimum results, but from what I am experiencing now I will definitely continue with this product.UPDATE 2 Months Later: On my second bottle and I am feeling like my self again. My PCP was very pleased with my blood work and TSH levels which were very high 5.010 dropped significantly to 1.684. Outstanding. I will stay on this product.

  10. Jon D

    After not being able to refill my thyroid meds, anti-depressant and sleep meds from the doctor’s office I decided to try this product. I am so satisfied with the results. I no longer feel like i want to sleep 24/7, stress levels are way down. I feel calmness and more energy. I finally feel more normal then I’ve felt in year’s. I will continue with this product and take blood tests in the next few months to see if this has improved my blood work levels.

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