Nutrivein Mushroom Supplement – 2600mg – 90 Capsules

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✔ PREMIUM 11 MUSHROOM BLEND – Nutrivein’s advanced formula combines 11 of nature’s most studied and sought-after mushrooms. Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitaike, Shiitake, Cordyceps Sinensis, Agaricus, Enoki, White Button and Oyster.

✔ HIGHEST POTENCY 11 MUSHROOMS FORMULA AVAILABLE – Our highest quality mushroom capsules consists of 2600mg of Mushrooms in the most beneficial proportion. Our formula contains No GMO’s, preservatives, stearates, artificial ingredients, binders.

✔ IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT AND BOOSTER – The perfect medicinal mushroom supplements from Nutrivein is exactly what you need for your active lifestyle. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that help support healthy cell function.

✔ NATURE’S THINKING CAPS CALM AND STRESS-FREE – Go-getters, thinkers, and wanderers will appreciate medicinal mushrooms that helps support cognitive functions, support memory retention making it the perfect brain booster for working and studying.


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Mushroom Complex, 0 Sugar, NonGMO, Vegan, Soy & Dairy Free, Gluten Free, 90 Capsules

Daily Brain and Immune Support Formula, A combo of Nature's 11 Most Coveted Mushrooms

Feel Focused, Energized and Refreshed. 2600 MG per serving.

30 day supply. Tasteless & Easy to Swallow. Wellness, Energy & Focus, Defense System, Immunity

Comprehensive Formula

Energy & Focus Boost

Work, Study & Workout

Nutrivein’s potent and pure formula of Immune & Nootropic Brain Booster mushroom complex is made with an extremely powerful 11 mushroom blend with endless benefits for your brain and body.*

This complex formula has many benefits for daily function. For centuries, herbalists have combined and used mushrooms like Cordyceps and reishi to naturally nourish and feed the brain with essential nutrients that promote a more energized feeling throughout the day.*

The mushroom blend includes Lion’s Mane and Maitake mushrooms which, when incorporated into your daily routine, help to stimulate brain power to help support attention, memory, and endurance for working, studying, and/or workouts.*


Enhanced Immune Support

Brain Function & Cognition Benefits

Powerful Detox

The potent combination of reishi, shiitake, and turkey tail mushrooms naturally supports the immune system and promotes overall well-being.*

This blend is packed with lion’s mane mushrooms, a potent neuro booster that may enhance cognitive functions, including concentration, focus, and recall. It also helps improve mental resilience and stress resistance.*

The Chaga mushrooms in this formula are a potent factor because of their natural detoxifying properties. Chaga plays a vital role in nutritionally promoting a clean body and supporting overall wellness!*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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10 reviews for Nutrivein Mushroom Supplement – 2600mg – 90 Capsules

  1. Jay from Baltimore

    I purchased a bottle of the Premium Mushroom complex 8 mushroom blend from Amazon. The benefits of mushroom extracts from Lions mane mushroom was brought to my attention watching a YouTube video on Joe Rogan’s podcast when he interviewed an expert on mushrooms and their benefits for enhancing intellect, memory and alertness. I’ve been looking at different products that offer mushroom blends. So far I have not really noticed any effect or improvement from taking the Nutrivein Mushroom Complex. I’m willing to try the bottle I purchased…it has 90 capsules and the directions are to take 3 capsules each day. I’m trying this product out for the full month. I’m also taking Charlotte’s Webb CBD oil which helps me deal with chronic pain and anxiety. I’m hoping the Mushroom Complex will improve my mental clarity.

  2. Mariah Crutcher

    I take mushroom complex to help with my brain fog in school. I have trouble focusing for long periods of time and brain fog when I am studying. These pills work like a miracle! I am definitely content with how it has helped me focus more.

  3. Customer

    Just one week taking it and I feel improvement In my Cognitive Functions,Awesome product! Very good for thinking clearly

  4. drcathyjo

    I started taking these mushroom supplements a few months ago. I have more energy, less joint pain, and more mental clarity. I am more than satisfied with these capsules. They work great!

  5. Victoria

    I noticed a lot of reviews were referring to clear skin but my motivation was to nurture my respiratory health and the mushroom complex works incredibly well. The supplements are quite powerful so I only take one at bedtime instead of 3, but if you decide to take a higher dose as recommended you will need to take special care you drink 4 large glasses of water as the mushroom is also a liver-kidney detox and water is necessary. Try a lower dose tho, they’re very effective and my normal lung congestion disappears with regular use. I recommend this mushroom supplement.I’ve been using a mushroom complex of Rheishi and Cordyceps mushrooms. My previous brand New Chapter was upwards of $30 for 60 caps. Quality and price point are just two reasons to adopt Nutrivein and I’m very pleased.

  6. jane albert

    as a nurse practitioner, i advise my patients who have various health issues including elevated blood pressure, auto immune disorders, memory issues and compromised immune systems to take a combination of multiple medicinal mushrooms. The combination in Nutrivein will improve many of these conditions.

  7. Jennifer Leach

    I have been using for over a week now, I noticed a difference right away. Brain fog was lifted and I have been able to stay focused and stay on task. I have also had an increased in natural energy as well…not a fast heart beat or a crash. In fact I have noticed I even sleep better at night utilizing my energy more efficiently during the day.

  8. Jody P.

    It works very well! A combination blend of 7 mushrooms that focus on sharpening your memory the natural way. Highest potency on the market and one of the few brands I could find with Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms. I highly recommend this!

  9. lmmr

    I purchased this for myself originally, but when one of my dogs appeared to have a lump that was growing, I started giving it to him as well. It ended up being a cancerous tumor, but the lump was definitely smaller by the time he went in for surgery. It could be a coincidence, but this was the only supplement I had him on pre surgery. Post surgery, after his prescription meds ran out, I’ve got him mainly on turkey tail, but I also still give him two of these every day (he’s a big guy, part black lab and possibly part Great Dane, from the looks of him), as the vet was unable to remove the entire tumor; it had tentacles that went deep into his body. I’m sure all dogs are different, but from my experience, don’t rule out an “all around” supplement that includes multiple kinds of mushrooms.

  10. DJCMCC

    I love this product! I have neuropathy in my feet this mix of Mushrooms cuts my foot pain in half!

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