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Yohimbe for Men’s Health:
Yohimbe is botanically known as Pausinystalia Yohimbe. This tall Evergreen Tree is native to West Africa and is a member of the Rubiaceae family, which also includes the Coffee Plant and Gardenia Flowers. Yohimbe is an exotic delicacy that has potent properties for Men’s Health.

It was first discovered by the Pygmies in West Africa, where it’s indigenous. The Bantu speaking tribes of West Africa still swear by Yohimbe today for many cultural and traditional reasons.

The tree is renowned for the extract of its dried bark, which represents strength and fortitude. Yohimbe has become a beneficial ingredient in many herbal supplements for its potent qualities.

Benefits of PipingRock’s Vi-Max:
PipingRock’s Vi-Max Male “MEN ONLY” product features Yohimbe yet includes much more! Our proprietary blend is stacked with premium ingredients like Maca, Muira Puama, Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, Korean Ginseng and other herbal favorites. Each daily, Quick-Release capsule delivers a kick that you can’t get anywhere else.

Our Vi-Max formula is Non-GMO and free of Gluten, Soy, Artificial Color, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Sweetener, Preservatives, Wheat, Yeast and Lactose. Add this strong blend to your herbal collection or pop it in your bag for long-lasting support on-the-go. Take things up a notch today with PipingRock’s Men’s Health classic!

Yohimbe Maca, Muira Puma,Oat Straw, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Korean Ginseng

1. **Yohimbe:** Yohimbe is derived from the bark of an African tree and is often used as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction and low libido. It contains a compound called yohimbine, which can enhance blood flow to certain areas of the body and has been studied for its potential to improve sexual function.

2. **Maca:** Maca is a root vegetable native to the Andes Mountains. It’s often used as an adaptogen, helping the body to manage stress. Maca is also believed to have positive effects on energy levels, hormonal balance, and sexual function. It’s rich in nutrients and may contribute to overall vitality.

3. **Muira Puama:** Also known as “potency wood,” muira puama is a plant traditionally used in South American herbal medicine to support sexual health and libido. It’s thought to help improve erectile function, increase sexual desire, and potentially alleviate some symptoms of menopause.

4. **Oat Straw:** Oat straw is the green stem of the oat plant and is commonly used in traditional medicine for its potential to support brain health, reduce anxiety, and improve overall mood. It’s also believed to have mild aphrodisiac properties.

5. **Tribulus Terrestris:** This plant is often used to support male reproductive health, including boosting testosterone levels. While research results are mixed, some studies suggest that tribulus terrestris may enhance sexual function and muscle growth.

6. **Tongkat Ali:** Also known as “Longjack,” tongkat ali is a plant native to Southeast Asia. It’s often used to support male fertility and sexual function by potentially boosting testosterone levels. Some studies suggest that tongkat ali may help improve libido and muscle strength.

7. **Horny Goat Weed:** Horny goat weed, also known as epimedium, is traditionally used in Chinese medicine for its potential to enhance sexual performance and treat various conditions. It contains compounds that may help relax blood vessels and improve blood flow, potentially aiding in erectile function.

8. **Korean Ginseng:** Korean ginseng is an adaptogenic herb that’s been used for centuries to support energy, cognitive function, and overall vitality. It may help reduce fatigue, improve mental clarity, and support the body’s response to stress.

Remember that these potential benefits are based on traditional uses and some scientific studies. However, not all studies show consistent results, and individual responses can vary. If you’re considering using a supplement containing these ingredients, it’s important to research and choose reputable products, and consult with a healthcare professional to ensure they are appropriate for your specific health needs and goals.

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