Black Currant Oil 1000 mg – Hexane Free – Natural Anti Aging Antioxidant with High GLA Formu

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AN ANTI-AGING FORMULA & IMMUNE SYSTEM ENHANCER: our Hexane Free Black Currant Seed Oil is specifically formulated to Help you Support your HAIR, EYE, & BRAIN health and to make your SKIN Glow, to release pain from JOINTS AND MUSCLE SPASMS. And finally you can use this powerful antioxidant as a Natural Brain Boost & Memory Sharpener!

HIGH GLA FORMULA & 140MG GLA: Our Blackcurrant Oil soft gels contain more than double the amount of gamma linoleic acid than in Evening Primrose Oil, making it good for women’s health, helping to regulate hormonal imbalances. Premenstrual Syndrome Relief is an added bonus. We also use softgels instead of capsules in our black current seed oil to help you maximize its absorption in your body and it’s TWICE MORE than 500 mg.

HIGH QUALITY: Every Bottle goes through rigorous Quality Control and is made in a GMP-quality certified facility in the USA & made in the USA. Please note that it is a sister company to VibraxLabs Supplements.

ENERGY BOOST IS AN ADDED BONUS. It is such a pleasure to come home after a full day of work, and have the energy and enthusiasm to enjoy the evening!

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10 reviews for Black Currant Oil 1000 mg – Hexane Free – Natural Anti Aging Antioxidant with High GLA Formu

  1. mhere

    I was taking prim rose oil and switched to this after getting more information. It has taken a few months, but my “thyroid affected” hair is growing back

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  3. Brown

    After taking the currant oil for just a few days I’ve already noticed that my skin feels more moisturized than normal. The same goes for my hair: I don’t typically put any product in my hair so after using this supplement my hair doesn’t feel as dry as it usually does.

  4. Benjamin

    My eye doctor suggested I take black currant oil for my dry eyes. So far I can feel the difference. Will be back soon.

  5. D. Perez

    Excellent. Really works.

  6. Gabrieln

    This is a very good black currant oil. I took it mainly to raise my immunity and help my eyes. So far I’m happy with results.

  7. Meg J

    I started taking this due to dry, red and itchy patches on the tops of my one hand. I read where low levels of GLA can cause skin irritations or dermatitis. Since taking this brand of black currant oil I no longer have these itchy, red patches. This is a great product for me. I highly recommend it.

  8. Ann Lee

    I buy it because I have dry eyes. It works great!

  9. Tamie

    The eye dr is watching my husbands eyes for possible glaucoma and she suggested he should take this. She said studies have show they are supposed to help with eye health. If it could help, why not try it! He has not experienced any negative impact from adding it daily.

  10. Samuel D Bacote

    I use these pills daily and I would recommend them for daily use. I do have feel more alert after using them.

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